Monday, April 23, 2007

Ever fixed.... and ever moving!

It's curious to me, how insanely fast these past 4 months have flown. I remember the faculty meeting I attended at the beginning of the semester, and our Department Chair said that before we knew it, the end of the year would be upon us. I looked at my calendar, and all that was going to be accomplished, and laughed a little.... yea, right! And yet it was true! Here I stand at the brink of the semester's end and I am wondering where it all went. Final projects are being passed into me, grading needs to occur, books need to be ordered for next year's class, I have one final Fabric class to teach, and we are travelling to Plimoth Plantation that day to learn about how they build authentic period cloth and garments, there is one final student production that goes into tech on Sunday, and my seniors have senioritis so badly that I think they very well may explode. I am not sure how this happened. How I arrived here. And yet here I am....

And add on top of that my new found obsession with tango, freelance design projects, family, friends, and last but not least, S.... and I am not sure when I managed to sleep these past few months.... Life is good. Life is happy. And full. Even the prospect of being unemployed for a month and a half as the movie I was supposed to work on in June was cancelled does not cast a pall over how very pleased I am with the universe's spinning. True, it is a bit of a scramble now, although something will turn up, it always does. Even the bumps in the road this past winter, loss of family and my own health complications, don't detract from how good I feel.

It's a good tanda right now.... I think I'll stay for another....


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