Saturday, March 31, 2007

turning a corner

Milonga last night in Providence. I was disappointed that the turnout was not very strong, they had an amazing DJ there, Shorey, and her music was fantastic. It was a quiet night, but I had a great time nonetheless. Plus I realized that I have turned a corner. I actually can dance this paradox called tango and I have stepped up from passable to good. Now my eyes are set on the sights of great.

The ever forward learning curve... up up up!

Oh, and the Bali pants came in, I wore them last night, and they ROCK!!! Awesomely comfortable and they look very cool if I do say so myself. Add the green shoes and look out! No ocho will stop me now!

Boleos though... that's another story... got to get those down so I can actually execute a boleo and not a blah-lazo....


I'll get there.


Ok, so had a reality check and an ego check. Apparently I am not good. I am good for how long I have been dancing, and for the community I dance in. But I am not an across the board, globally good dancer. Nothing like having your self perceptions flashed back at you in a mirror of harsh reality.
Of course, I should maybe stop listening to others. But I fear if I did, I would not learn as quickly as I have been.
I think I have gotten on board LaPlanchadora's tangocoaster....
Tangocoaster - 100
me - .00005


La Tanguera said...


Way to go!!! I know how it feels to nail these "milestones" :-) Those are the days of true happiness!!!

Caroline said...

I have learned to stop listening to other people a loooooong time ago. When everyone has a different opinion, it gets too confusing trying to please them all. Instead, listen to your teachers and to yourself. That's it, that's all.