Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tango wardrobe

Is being built! It is amazing how much I get done when there are no students in the shop!

Here is the first skirt I have made specifically for tango. I'll get S to take some better pics to post later, it is hard to take pictures of yourself with a little point and shoot digital, but between mirror images and balancing the camera on work stations, I got two good shots that will give you an idea of the look. I am rather excited about how it looks, and I think that Planchadora will agree that it is far from a garment attacked by a wild animal!. It is plum with a mossy green/plum iridescent lining, so when I swirl, the lining peeks out and makes a really pretty contrast. I know it needs a steaming, I'll get to that before I wear it out. But the obsession is spreading from shoes to clothes!


Caroline said...

Hey, nice sewing skills! And that skirt you designed is probably my favourite style of skirt of all time - nice and snug around the waist and upper hip, then flowing out and ending below the knees. How wide is the circumference? I am wondering because I have a skirt that I designed similar to yours but noticed that when I pivot, it flares out too much, making it slightly indecent. (hem was a perfect circle, or at least 3/4 circle) so I am now thinking of either using thinner fabric or making the circle half circle only.

Debbi said...

Hi Caroline! It is an oblong, not a circle, so that way no one will know the color of my panties. Plus I chose a fabric that drapes nicely and will swoosh, but has weight (duippioni silk). The circumference of the skirt though is 125", so it will flare nicely. I love the snug dropped waist look and having the flare start over the hips. So very female!

La Planchadora said...

Yay, contrast lining! Thumbs up.