Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring has sprung all over the place

The weather has been in the upper 50's for two days straight now, and tomorrow is supposed to be 60's and dry. It is like a mirage that I am afraid to inspect too closely as I may find it is merely a cover for another ice storm or blast of arctic chill hiding behind the spring coat. But hopefully it is not, and it is really spring. Walking to work this morning I found a new favorite thing about where I work. Being near Symphony Hall, there is always something going on around me, but this morning, walking by the New England Conservatory, the students had opened up all the windows, and I was greeted by the sounds of trumpets, clarinets, piano and singers as I rounded the corner onto St Boltophs street. I had to stop and listen. Even though it was a mish-mash of different symphonies and arias floating down together in a kind of musical stew, it was lovely to hear. Made my head ease up a little on the pressing headache that I had woken up with. Not sure how layers of un-synchronized music would ease a headache, but there you have it, it did. I just suddenly felt better being in the sun, not hunkered down into my coat, bracing for the blast of wind that always assailed me when I rounded the corner from St Boltophs to Huntington Ave. And hearing the music just made my morning a little lighter and a little cheerier.
Although my students are on spring break this week, so I am in the shop alone. Which is great. Today I am fixing the sewing machines that the freshmen managed to break in their rush to finish their projects before break, I am working on clothing for tango (oh yes, tango had to be mentioned at some point, never fear), and I am going to re-organize the supplies here in the shop. Plus I am designing A Midsummer Night's Dream with my dear friend J, so that will also be a project this week while I have the shop to myself. So much to do! Gotta get started!

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