Friday, March 02, 2007

Fleeting moment of perfection...

Well, perfection for me at least. Last milonga at Springstep I danced a milonga set and the very first dance was as close to perfect as I have ever done. I got ever lead, I was relaxed, I had fun (music was great) and moved to the music, and did not lose my axis or balance once. It was like buttah (as they say, somewhere, not too sure where or who they might actually be...). I did a little dance of happiness afterwards, but then lost it all on the rest of the tanda. I have no idea why or how. I just could not keep that zone, keep that moment. Perhaps I should have waited to do a jig until after the tanda, but I could not help myself (there is a reason why I do not play poker). So what the hell happened to me? Why could I not continue with that vibe? Do the tango gods have that twisted and cruel a sense of humour? How do you move from one moment into the next without losing your vibe when you've found your mojo?


Sorin said...

You get a little bit more mojo every time. And with time you lose less and less when you "lose" it. Many times lately I've been making a comment at the end of a song to the effect of "Damn it, I lost it" only to witness confusion on my partner's face which was saying "uhh, what are you talking about, that was lovely".

So, I hate to say it, but ... PATIENCE! ;)

P.S. And yes, that was a really good dance for me as well, something not very common when I dance milonga, regardless of the partner.

Caroline said...

Sounds like you were distracted by your own happiness!
Sorin's right - patience, patience, patience.