Tuesday, March 27, 2007

clothes for.... what else? Tango!

Yup! Bought my self a pair of really comfy bali pants for practica. Loose, comfy, roomy, and swooshy (yes, that is a technical term that us costume people use all the time....)
Sigh... my poor bank account....
However, my evil plan is to take the pattern off of these and them make a bunch in different fabric! *evil laugh* Ha! :-) But I think that I won't wear them quite so high.... I think the waist should be seen, not hidden!
However I have NO plan what-so-ever to fry my hair as this poor deluded model did! Sheesh! Hello blonde! Hello Brillo Pad Blonde!!


La Tanguera said...


An idea you may be able to use. I bought some wide yoga pants, very flexible, that run to the floor. I can wear them like that, but sometimes I take the edge at the bottom of the leg, on the side, with two different hands, pull it a bit to tie a know just below the knees. That way, they get converted into some very cool bubble pants that are also soft because the bubble is made by the whole length leg... many people had praised them in milongas, not knowing that it's just a long pair tied up!! I'm thinking that this trick may work for you in this model that you are planning to replicate!

PS--I have a couple of pairs of the pants you are showning. They are nice and flowy, but sometimes they get me self conscious because they open a lot when I sit, and sometimes when I dance, showing too much leg... be sure of allowing for enough slack of fabric in the front...! :)


Caroline said...

I used to own a pair of those Bali fisherman's pants - lots of stores sell them in my town.

One thing I've learned is not to wear stretchy tight yoga pants - my heels kept getting caught on the hems. Yikes.

Debbi said...

Hi Ladies!
Luckily my pants are very wide and wrap around me almost twice tanguera, so I think I am safe from giving free shows on the dance floor, but good thing to be aware of!

I learned about stretchy fabrics and hems not playing well with stilettos fairly quickly too Caroline! Same with cuffs! I have these great pants I removed the cuffs from as my heel would gt caught in it. I was removing the cuff in the shop and my students were asking why I would remove the cuffs as they looked so good on the pant. I explained the issue with dancing and they just shook their heads at me as if to say I was crazy.... which I am! ;-)

miss tango in her eyes said...

I just hope you plan to wear a top with your pants young lady!

Debbi said...

But then I might not get as many dances!!! ;-P
Actually, the top I chose for the pants is much better than what the model is wearing. I think S has a picture I can get of the pants and the wrap top I bought.
The pants are great by the way, loose, comfy, and the swirl ever so nicely on turns and pivots. Yea! Pants!