Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's revisited

Milonga last night, and what fun it was! I received, finally, my red tango shoes, and promptly forgot to scuff the bottom before I left, so when I put them on and went to dance, I almost went ass over tea kettle. Sigh, so I put on my ever so comfy pewter shoes instead. I love how the pewter shoes have just molded to my feet and are so comfortable. I have to say that I am actually a little disappointed in the red shoes. They are not as fabulous as I thought that they would be, and the body of the shoe is not as flexible nor as solid as my pewter shoes. We will see how they fair when actually worn, but I am a little skeptical at the moment. Luckily, the green shoes that will soon be mine (insert maniacal tango addict laugh here) are the same maker as the pewter shoes, so I am fairly certain I will love them almost as much (for really, how can you love a shoe more than your very first pair of real tango shoes from Argentina? You can't. You will tell all your dancing shoes that you love them equally, like children and puppies, but you are lying, because we all have favorites. Just the way the universe turns....)
So last night it was the rescheduled Valentine's Day Milonga. I had a great time, I spent most of the night dancing, and I had to laugh as I felt a little like the shiny new toy that every one takes off the shelf to try out. It won't go to my head, never fear, but I felt like the better leaders had taken notice of my progress and were seeing what I could (and could not) do. It was fun and definitely a nice ego trip. I had some lovely tandas, O (from my first practica, who helped me so much that day) danced one of the first tandas of the evening, and after the first tango he said "You've been practicing!" Yes I have! Glad it shows! I always enjoy dancing with O, he has a very athletic and musical style. Plus we always end up laughing with delight at the end of each tango, and I have noticed that he does that with all the followers that he likes to dance with. It is infectious, that laughing. I also danced with a really lovely leader, K, who cracked me up after he asked me to dance. I gave my usual "I'm a beginner" acceptance, to which he responded, "Yes, I noticed." Too funny!!! Then a milonga tanda came on. Argh! I told him I was milonga-challenged and would understand if he wanted to find a better partner. He said not to worry, he would lead and I would follow just fine. Gotta love confidence in a leader! But you know what? I actually did follow without problem with him! Granted, he kept it simple, but he also kept it interesting and I had no problem at all with the steps. It was rather lovely and lots of fun. One thing my S told me was to look for leaders who did not end a milonga set panting and sweating, as they would be the milonga leaders I would want to dance with. And K ended each milonga effortlessly. I certainly hope to dance with K again, either tango, milonga or waltz!
Later, S2 asked me to be his last dance of the evening as he was heading out early. What a wonderful thing! It made me very happy and, as always, the tanda was fantastic. It is just lovely all the little nuances he puts into the dance that anyone who is watching would not notice. It just adds such a personal touch to an intimate dance, and brings it to another level.
And the last song I dance with my S. I was in a really good mood, and was rather relaxed, so it went pretty well. Not sure why, but I do have a tendency to tense up more with him than any other leader, I think it is because I want to dance well with him and I do not want to disappoint him or mess up. Typical overachiever with the need to please her teachers and partners! But I love ending the milongas with him, and it went well, until near the end of the song someone danced right into us and their shoe went right into my calf and I was bumped pretty hard in the back. It really threw me off. I need to learn how to recover from that sort of an intrusion quickly and gracefully, it is not good to let it ruin my groove so completely.
I could have easily danced for hours more, but 1am came along and the lights went up and we had to leave. I had not had much tango this past week as I am entering production for two operas (gulp) that I am working on and this week is looking to shape up to be the same. I am already getting depressed over the fact that I will most likely not get to tango much if at all until next weekend. Sad! And one thing that I have noticed from all this dancing is the fact that my clothes are started to fit a little looser. I bought some great pants specifically for tango dancing, and when I put them on last night, they were a little loose in the hips (no waist, low rise are much more comfortable to dance in, especially since I have such displacement issues, I want as little impediment to displacement as possible). My jeans are also getting looser, but I weigh the same amount. Guess my body is getting leaner and building muscle at the same time, which is great. Firmer bits and pieces is always a good thing! :-)

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Caroline said...

Now that you've been stabbed in the calf, you are officially initiated to the world of Tango!
Wanting to please/impress others was the cause of my nerves. Now that I've changed my focus from that to having a good time, my dancing became much more relaxed.
It's amazing that for only a couple of months or so, that you're progressing so quickly. Good on you!