Thursday, February 15, 2007


So last night there was to be a Valentine's Day milonga. I was looking forward to it all day. Through the early morning start, yucky wet weather and long day at the theatre, I knew that my day would end with dancing and fun. Come night time, S picks me up and we head on over to the dance complex after stopping at Whole Foods and devouring some chicken and roasted potatoes, only to drive up to the complex and see all the lights are off and the place has been immersed in darkness. We never even thought that the milonga might have been canceled as the weather really was not that bad in Boston, messy yes, bad, not really. It was as though someone had killed a puppy in front of me seeing the place so dark and empty. Ok, maybe someone kicking a puppy. But still, bad things to puppies were happening in my mind as we sat in the car looking forlornly at the door.
The night was made better by the fact that S bought me a huge assortment of dark chocolate bars, all types and percentages of cacao, from 56% to 99%! And none of them had dairy in them, which made me every so happy! Trust me, the 99% is an acquired taste, and you really only need the smallest of tastes of it. The rest, however, were amazing, and of course we had to eat them the S way and taste a little of each bar and see how they compare. But munching on chocolate does not exactly replace the high of dancing. Oh well, this weekend we may travel out to NYC and taste the tango there.

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Caroline said...

It's always disappointing to take the time to go out to a Milonga only to see that it's closed. It's happened to me a few times too.