Friday, January 19, 2007

A non-tango post!

Shocking! I know.... but I started this blog pre-tango, and it seems that tango has taken over the blog. Someone told me that would happen..... heh heh heh..... so I am going to post about a subject wholly unrelated to tango. My first day of teaching.
I have a new gig working as the costume shop manager for a university right here in the heart of Boston, and I am loving it. It is great to interact with the students, see their ideas, watch them learn, design, and develop skills - makes me want to go back to school myself!
I am teaching a class about Fabric in Design, and this is my first time teaching on a college level. I was incredibly nervous and stressed about it as it is a new class, there was no existing structure to step into, and everyone was excited about it - no pressure there at all! So this week was the first class, and the two days leading up to it I did not really sleep at all, my brain would not shut down and all I could focus on were all the things that could go wrong. I wanted to make sure that the class was interesting, challenging, and that the students actually took things away from class that would benefit them in their design process.
And of course, the first class went well. The kids were all excited to be there, and they were thrilled with the syllabus, asking all sorts of questions about future projects and work that I felt really good about the level of challenge that I am setting before them.
And now, I get to prepare for the next class, as I can already tell that I need to be far ahead of my game for this group of students, which is a really good thing. It feels like maybe I am back in school.... ;-)

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