Friday, January 05, 2007

A New High...

Custom made shoes. In the world in which I work, and sometimes live, in - custom made anything is the norm. I am constantly making garments specifically for actors and singers, made to flatter their shape and presence. But for myself? I rarely indulge that urge. I have an armoire full of fabric, most for shows, but there are some gorgeous silks, crepes and wools that I found and squirrelled away for myself. But have I done anything with them? No.... At least, not yet....
But today.
Today I purchased my very first pair of custom made shoes. For tango. And they are gorgeous. As you can see.... :-) I am quite thrilled with them, and the whole process of measuring my feet so that they can be made exactly for me was a feeling that I suppose my actors have quite often, but was new to me. It was quite the high. I was e-mailing with the crafter in Argentina, and he was so specific on what he needed and concerned that I understood how to measure, I thought to alleviate his worries with explaining what I do for a living, and then he opened right up to me. Asking me what style of clothing was I going to be wearing, what was my inseam as he wanted to discuss heel height in relation to my leg length, and we just had the best insider conversation about making garments/items for other people. So these beautiful red shoes are being made for me and will be in my desperate little fingers in three weeks (ack! who can wait?) I am going to buy a sensible pair of black shoes as well, but those I will buy local and pre-made. My first "real" lesson is Tuesday, and I am already excited for it. I've had one lesson at a milonga in NYC and multiple lessons with S where sometimes I get it and sometimes I feel like the most ungraceful, uncoordinated duck... but I keep trying, and I keep going back. Because I know what I want to do, dance like, and look like. It's damn addictive.
I've already chosen fabrics for skirts that I am going to make to go with the shoes (here is where my inner designer geek rears her eager little head). Once I have the shoes in front of me, then the real fun begins with marrying the fabrics to compliment the shoes. It will be a whole new wardrobe of outfits built from the ground up, literally! Who will need jeans anymore? Not I, I will have a closet of asymmetrical skirts, handkerchief hem dresses, and sheer little tops.
But, I think I'll leave the roses in the vase.... ;-P

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