Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blast from the near past

Wow, ever find something that you wrote not too long ago but completely forgot about? Well I just did. Found something I wrote to a friend in September about a particularly bad day I had that turned unexpectedly positive. It made me laugh out loud (which I think my roomates are getting used to) and I felt the need to post and share it, as I think it is a pretty damn funny story. (S - you can tell me if it actually is funny later.... ;-} )

September 28, 2006
One of the famous lines from A Streetcar named Desire is "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers."
Well, today, I was amazed at the kindness of a stranger.
This morning was rough, and I mean could not move or drag my sorry butt out of bed rough due to a bought of insomnia along with feeling less than well these past few days. Last night was really bad. Tossing and turning, stressing about all the gigs I have on my calendar (got to remember to eat the elephant one bite at a time, not run at it with a knife and fork - I can not claim this as my own image, someone very clever told me that) and listening to my neighbors have very vocal sex. I now know that he is just as monosylabic in bed as he is in person and she actually called him "studmuffin" at the height of their coital, uhm, bliss. I had no clue that people actually used that word in any context other than humour. So after receiving about 2 hours, give or take, of sleep last night, I had to climb out of my suddenly comfortable bed at what I consider the butt-crack of dawn and go style a photo shoot for a production as a favor to a friend who has pneumonia. His illness trumps my whiny self-indulgence. So I walk out the door, and am greeted with a sight that made me swear like a sailor, which in turn caused my neighbor to growl at me as she was bringing her 7 year old out to the bus stop for school. The sight that made me loose my cool in front of a wee child? My car. Apparently there is a plague in the city, a plague otherwise known as sadistic fuzzy-tailed rodents.... or squirels. And they had a picnic on my car last night of pears from the pear tree in my yard. And I mean they gorged themselves on pears, throwning the rotten ones on my windshield, hood, driver's side window (don't ask, I have no idea how they did that). And after they finished their Roman-like gorging, they purged. ALL OVER MY CAR!!
Fine, I'll take the T and deal with this later, but I am going to buy myself a 5 adjective coffee goddamit to make myself feel better.
(I'm getting to the stranger reference, I promise!)
So I am standing in line at my favorite little coffee shop, looking... let's say haggard... at best. Honestly I am sure it was more grumpy, puffy and glazed, but we'll call it haggard and leave it at that. But I manage to keep some manners, and when I opened the door, I held it for the older gentleman who arrived at the same time I did. He smiled a thanks, I think I grunted a version of you're welcome, and I take my place in line behind him. I am not paying much attention as all of a sudden my body decides that NOW it wants to sleep, and my brain keeps obssessing over the little sadists that live in the pear tree, but the gentleman who entered before me, who is now in front of me sure seems to be taking a long time to order, and why is he whispering to the guy behind the counter? Whom I did manage to notice had lovely long red hair and was wearing a Utility-Kilt, *file that away for later, sigh*, and now I just want my coffee so I can smash my body in the train along with the rest of the morning commuters whom I have not shared space with in over 3 years. So yummy boy in the kilt takes my order over the head of whispering ordering man, gratefully I order my multiple adjective coffee. He finishes the gentleman's transaction in front of me and turns to make my coffee. The gentleman turns around with his coffee, smiles at me, and says "I hope that your day only gets better, you seem like you could use some sleep and rest."
I weakly smile a thanks as he departs. Great, upgrade from haggard to "Death Defrosted in a sparking microwave." *sigh* My adjective heavy coffee is served and Kilt seems to have forgotten to ring me up, as he is already asking the person behind me their order.
"Excuse me, sorry, but I still need to pay."
Big smile from Kilt. "Nope. That guy bought your coffee, said you looked like you really needed it, and he had never had a woman open a door for him, so he already paid for you."
You could have knocked me over with a plastic stirrer.
People rock.
And you know what I am ashamed of? I don't really remember what the man looked like, so even though I went out to the street to try to stop him and thank him, I could not. I just remembered an older man in a suit, and I was surrounded by older men in suits.
Suddenly my day had a whole new outlook, and my feet were not quite so heavy anymore.
Sometimes, the kindness of strangers helps to rekindle your love for humanity.

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