Monday, December 18, 2006

this, that, and the other...

Another year older. And hopefully at least a little bit wiser.... although that probably remains to be seen. I am just not sure how it is that I managed to achieve the age of 35 without feeling as though I got older. Curious..... Of course it is lovely that one of my dearest friends also turns 35 at the same time I do, well, I am one week older than she is, but it is nice to have someone who ages right along with you whom I can confer with and call up to say "I don't feel old, do you? I don't think that we are aging at all!"

But here I am, one week away from the holiday, and I can finally catch up on some rest and relaxing, considering that I was actually diagnosed with exhaustion last week (yup, Lindsay Lohan is not the only one with that diagnosis, although mine is not a cover), it might be a good idea to actually take some time for me and slow down. Plus hearing your doctor say to you "You need to slow down and chill for a bit!" helps with that decision. Of course, what with the holidays now upon me and barely any shopping done, I wonder how that will work out. Well, at least I bought presents for my goddaughter, so at least she is all set, but it is just everyone else I need to take care of. Ah well, it'll happen, or it won't. I am not going to stress myself over it and people will still love me (I hope!).
I am not exactly feeling any sort of holiday spirit this year, I am more exasperated at the masses. They all seem to be infected with holiday spirits. Drivers are more aggressive and short tempered, don't even start me about the long lines and grumpy shoppers in stores, incessant insipid Christmas music where ever I turn, and there was a stabbing outside of Symphony Hall, not 100 feet from where I work the other night! I believe that the Charlie Brown Christmas woe of the holidays being commercialized, marketed and packaged for the lowest common denominator of consumers is fully realized. Maybe next year I will go on a trip somewhere away from the insanity. Maybe somewhere quiet... south of France? West coast of Ireland? Scotland? Some island somewhere warm..... my family would not be happy, but I could be selfish and go during the crazy period and then come back and spend time with my family without all the hype, hoopla, and horror shows of the holiday season.

Sun flare..... new topic... ;-)
So, I learned something new last night. Presence. In tango. Damn difficult to do along with all the other things I need to remember. But I managed to finally get it, almost. But now along with "Don't walk like a duck!" I get to hear "More!" shouted at me as I try to keep my knees together, not move my feet into ballet positions, keep my posture, oh, yea, and move with rhythm. Right. But I am making tiny steps of improvement I think. And S has yet to tell me I am hopeless, so all in all, not too bad. In his words "Might make a tango dancer of you yet, eventually..." Can't wait to hear what the instructor says when I start classes in January. Should be interesting to merge S's teachings along with class. heh heh heh, I rather like having an edge when it comes to things like that!

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