Tuesday, December 05, 2006

calm descends....

It is funny, looking back at yesterday's post.... the photo I posted.... I really do like it, but it certainly was an appropriate image for the day I had. Coming out of the dark into the light. My descents into the darker side of life never last long, and usually are forgotten about very quickly, what can I say... I'm Sagittarius! But that picture struck me as curious, being the one I chose to post on a day when my patience ran away. However, today is another day. And I am fully in the light again. I managed to talk to the caterer this morning when they set up breakfast and discovered no one had told them about my specific dietary requirements, they just told him to have vegetarian dishes available. He was very concerned at my not being able to eat and promised me a good lunch. And boy! Did he deliver! I had a lovely salad, humus and pita bread, some sort of tomato, cucumber and vinegar salad, and some wonderful fruit. I was esctatic, and thanked him for being so good as to bring me a special meal and take care of my food issues. It was really lovely to be taken care of in that respect.

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