Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Curious world

I decided to try out the internet for dating, why not? Seemed possibly safer than the real world, less tricky. Turns out it is basically the same as the real world, just allows you a wider range of people to meet, and removes the awkward approach factor. It is much easier to send someone you don't know an e-mail as opposed to walking up to someone you don't know and trying to find a way to start a conversation.
Where did I begin my internet dating journey? Good old Craig's List. I know some people who had good experiences meeting others there, and it's free, and it is a bit more eclectic than, say, or E-Harmony (don't those ads bug you? They bug the crap out of me! And have you ever noticed that in the ads the people look EXACTLY alike! Ethnicities are the same, hair color, eye color, everything is the same.... kinda creepy if you ask me!) So here's what I posted:

Ten Things you should know about me:
#10 - One of my favorite feelings is waking up without an alarm and laying in bed with that half awake, half muzzy sleep feeling where your limbs are completely relaxed and everything just feels good.
#9 - Lloyd Dobbler was my first crush. I will go see every John Cusak movie because of Lloyd Dobbler. Even the bad ones.
#8 - I am not a "romantic" person in the traditional Hallmark sense. The things that make me melt are a man who remembers things I forgot about a shared moment, or bringing me coffee made exactly the way I like it.
#7 The greatest love story, in my opinion, is The Princess Bride. And I am talking about Max and Valerie, not Buttercup and Wesley.
#6 I love thunderstorms.
#5 I am as comfortable in jeans as I am in silk and heels.
#4 If you ever bring me to a book store, expect to be there awhile, the shortest time I have ever spent in a book store has been about an hour, and that was a forced exit because of theatre tickets.
#3 I promise to never, ever ask "Do I look fat in this?" And if I do, you are allowed to say "Yes, like a hippo."
#2 My favorite flavor is vanilla, and I do not believe that is a boring choice. Ask me what Victorians thought about the power of vanilla...
#1 I think that the sexiest thing about a man is his sense of humour, and if he can make me laugh - really laugh - lung searing, eye tearing, stomach cramping laugh, then I am a gonner. I always thought that "You had me at hello" was a bit saccharine, but if it was "You had me when I laughed" then I might have bought it.

And I posted a picture. The one you see here. I thought it was a good posting, and actually gave an insigh into me without listing a laundry list of stats and wants. So far the responses have been interesting. From the thoughtful and interesting, to the banal and aggravating. I can not believe the number of responses that I received where either there were misspellings galore (maybe I am unusual in that I read over everything before I click on "send", you never know what your subconscious may have typed while you were distracted) or they looked like a text message:
"Ur kewl. U wanna IM?"
Uhm..... no..... I don't.
I got responses from men more than 20 years older than me. Thanks, no thanks, I already have a father figure and I love him dearly, I don't need a father figure lover. Cause that's creepy. And I received responses from men in their early 20's (I'm 34) looking for an "older woman with experience". Uhm, again, I gotta pass on that. I don't fault you for wanting experience, but I am not interested in teaching a seminar on how to please your future girlfriends. And then there are the men who are used to getting by on their looks, so they send me their picture with a one liner. Something like "We'd look really good together, e-mail me back and tell me about yourself and how much you liked my picture." Well, as tempting as it is, I have to say that I already told you about myself in my ad. And if what you are interested in is the "Me show" (Me meaning You), I do not tend to play the role of a groupie very well. So good luck with finding the vapid, lacking confidence chit that will give you a captive audience.

But I have met some interesting men as well. Had a couple of dates. One of which so far was promising (at least I think so), in the sense that I really liked him, we had a good time together, and now I am beginning to obsess about the fact that it has been a couple of days and he has not called. We've e-mailed since the date, but no call, so my mind has inserted some estrogen and the "Does he like me" nerve has been hit. Which is all good, I am really liking being back in the dating pool, just need to remember to take it easy. Might have another date with someone else soon too. So all in all, we'll see where this path goes. At the very least, I am having fun. :-)


Amy said...

Your "10 things" were priceless.
And your photo is gorgeous!
amy 8^)

m i l e s said...

Loved this entry...your 10 things were in fact quite priceless. I loved them. if only you had a sister...(smile)